Why Guests Need Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Why do guests need travel insurance? Travel insurance protects you, the traveler, against unforeseen travel misfortunes. Travel insurance also minimizes the financial loss that the owner would otherwise suffer. Most vacation rentals require more than a 24 hour cancellation. It’s generally 30 or 60 days in fact. There are so many things that can happen prior to your trip to cause you to cancel. If you purchase travel insurance, you can recover your trip cost. You can also recover your trip cost if an unforeseen cancellation occurs. Travel insurance typically costs around 5-7% of your total trip cost. Here are some things that travel insurance covers:

  • Luggage delayed or lost ➝ If your luggage is delayed for more than 12 hours, you can purchase essential items. You can up to $200/day. You will be able to fill an emergency prescription.
  • Passport and wallet stolen ➝  Receive emergency cash.
  • Break your leg on a hike ➝  Get an emergency evaluation from a medical doctor. You can get up tp $250,000 in related expenses.
  • A natural disaster forces you to leave  ➝  Get back your money for the unused portion of your trip.
  • You get sick and have to cancel your trip ➝  Get back any non-refundable money that you have paid for your trip.
  • A pre-existing condition flares up and you have to cancel your trip ➝  Refunded any trip costs that have already been paid.

These scenarios are too common and purchasing trip insurance can really help you out when you are in a bind. Ask us today how to purchase trip insurance for your fabulous and memorable Red Sedona vacation! 877-503-7879