Walk Sedona

One of our favorite things to do is walk Sedona. Everything is so close that you can make a day of walking the Uptown area. You can visit the shops, galleries and restaurants. Sedona is often recognized as being one of the best small cities in the country for the arts. Many of its galleries are within walking distance of one another (which you can see on this gallery map).


Whether you’re an avid art collector, or simply looking for a souvenir for friends and family back home, your choices are many. Sedona is home to numerous art galleries, supported by a thriving bohemian art community. Artists in the area often find inspiration right in their own backyard, with breathtaking landscapes of red rock formations underneath a vast sky.


As a well-known arts destination, Sedona is home to over 80 galleries and shops that showcase the area’s charm. The best way to see these galleries is on foot, because nothing is too far in Sedona. Visit the many of Sedona’s top galleries within walking distance of one another. Our favorite is the Uptown and Gallery District area, which in total has 25 different galleries to explore. There are two other Gallery Districts, one is the Hillside District and the other is the West Sedona District.


Check out the Sedona Gallery Art Walk map above to plan a walking tour of Sedona’s galleries. The maps show where all the galleries are located and the approximate walking time for each section of the walk Sedona tour.

See the Walk Sedona Web Map on your mobile device and it can give you “step by step” walking directions! When you are all done for the day, reward yourself with a relaxing soak in your Red Sedona hot tub and enjoy the views.