Travelling with a Baby?

Are you traveling with little ones? No need to pack all of that baby equipment anymore! At Babierge, the service will deliver, setup, and pickup for you.

Red Sedona Vacation Rentals does offer pack n play and high chairs already at the properties.


Whether you forgot to pack your baby gear or you want to try and rent baby equipment so that you don’t have to check all of those extra bags, Babierge is the perfect solution for you.

For $50, Babierge will deliver, setup and pick up your baby rentals. This does not include the cost of renting the equipment. Baby concierge is perfect to ease your mind when travelling to Sedona. We want you to have a great stay, and there’s nothing more annoying than forgetting your stroller, car seat, etc. Airport delivery is also available, if you need let’s say a car seat pronto!


Go to the Babierge website. Pick out stuff that you accidentally forgot at home. Or pick out stuff that you knew you didn’t want to travel with. Then pick a time and location and pay online for your rental. Your contact person will then meet you at your specified location and time. It is that easy!