Thoughtful Items Your Vacation Rental Guests Will Thank You For

Thoughtful Items Your Vacation Rental Guests Will Thank You For:

  1. Cell Phone Chargers
  2. Universal Adapters
  3. Ear Plugs
  4. Eye Masks
  5. Postcards and Postage Stamps
  6. Toothbrushes
  7. Great Mattresses
  8. High-Quality Towels
  9. Hair Dryer
  10. Great Coffee Setup
  11. Wine Refrigerator
  12. Mini Fridge
  13. Electric Kettle
  14. Toaster Oven
  15. Lockbox
  16. Standing Fan
  17. Space Heater
  18. First Aid Kit
  19. Umbrellas

What makes an item thoughtful? First of all, it means that it’s not expected as an amenity. Furthermore, it means the host put extra love and care into making the item stand out.

A great example of this is a cell phone charger. How annoying is it to arrive at your vacation rental only to realize that you forgot your cell phone charger.

Similarly, what about providing sleeping masks or earplugs? So, just because you as a host might not use these items, your guests might. And for those who do, they will appreciate a good night’s sleep.

What about free concierge services? While not everyone will utilize these services, a lot of guests will. Therefore, we provide our guests with great services. Most noteworthy are the grocery shopping services, wine tours, and private jet services that we provide.