Everything You Need to Know About the Four Vortexes

If you want to truly experience Sedona, there are a few places that you must explore during your trip. The vortexes are some of the most unique and prolific sites in our Red Rock paradise. Each one emits its own form of energy that may help with spiritual healing and mindful meditation. Plus, there is plenty of great hiking in all four areas!   

What Are the Vortexes? 

Sedona is home to many treasures. From natural beauty to sacred healing energies, the stunning Red Rock paradise offers a variety of wellness experiences, but few are more alluring than the vortexes. These four spots in the hills and canyons surrounding the city are supposed swirls of energy with untold powers that help with healing, meditation, and self-exploration. Many visitors report feeling recharged, uplifted, and inspirited after visiting these special locations. 

Where to Find the Vortexes in Sedona 

The vortexes are spots of meditation and deep thought, so you may see many people doing yoga, relaxing, and meditating quietly. Please be respectful and mindful of their activities as you hike through and explore the areas. Happy healing! 

Airport Mesa Vortex 

The Airport Mesa Vortex is typically the most crowded, given that it is the closest to town. There is limited parking near the actual site, but if you continue up to the airport, you will find a larger parking lot. From there, you will have to hike down the Sedona View Trail to the scenic overlook. The views of the surrounding Red Rocks are second to none. This vortex is an Upflow area that allows your spirit to soar for a greater perspective along with serenity and oneness.  

Boynton Canyon Vortex 

Boynton Canyon is a site of balanced energy (also called Combination, or Electromagnetic). This unique location northwest of Sedona balances the energies of masculine and feminine, allowing you to experience Upflow and Inflow at the same time. Several trails lead you around the beautiful Red Rocks and to the vortex point overlooking the valley.  

Cathedral Rock/Red Rock Crossing Vortex 

If you’re searching for one of the vortexes with a different kind of energy, head to Cathedral Rock. There are a handful of trails that provide access to this area, and you’re sure to find a place to relax and soak in the natural beauty. This is an Inflow area (also referred to as Feminine), meaning that it can bring up feelings of compassion, receptiveness, and softness. Buddha Beach along Oak Creek is just one of the many places to meditate and soak in the healing powers. 

Bell Rock Vortex 

Bell Rock is one of the most well-known Sedona vortexes due to its popular meditation sites. Hiking here is not difficult, especially since there are layers to the rock, however, the terrain becomes more challenging the higher you climb. This vortex is also an Upflow area, and the serene areas surrounding the rock are perfect for meditating or practicing some yoga. 

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