Sedona Local Hikes


It’s no secret the local hikes in Sedona have some of the most jaw dropping scenery in the country. Known as Red Rock Country for the colorful red rock formations that dominate the landscape. Sedona has increasingly becoming a popular vacation spot. It is also a second home destination for photographers, hikers, mountain bikers and nature lovers.


Sedona is also home to hundreds of miles of trails. Now some are easy, some difficult, yet all loaded with magnificent views of the surrounding ancient rocks that date back millions of years. With so many spectacular hikes to choose from, picking out a fantastic hike suited to your ability level can be quite an overwhelming trip experience, especially if you have no idea in mind beforehand.


We recommend that you stop into the Visitor Center in the Uptown area or on the way in to Sedona on Route 179. There you will find maps, along with some great recommendations. One local hike is Bell Rock Path and Courthouse Butte Loop Trail is a great moderate hike for the whole family. Do not let the commotion at Bell Rock discourage you from doing this trail. Many people come and play on Bell Rock, however they are truly missing the best part of the area.

The real gem of this area is in doing the entire loop. You will have a choice on the southern side of Courthouse of doing the Courthouse Loop or taking the Big Park Loop (preferred). As you loop around the eastern and northern side of Courthouse Butte, you will experience the most scenic, tranquil and up-close views of the trail. As you continue around the northern side of Courthouse you will experience the quiet and amazing views of the rock formations.



Keep an eye out for “Pancake Rock” which looks like a stack of pancakes carved out by Mother Nature. All trails in this area are open to hiking and there are some trail restrictions for biking. Be sure to always pack plenty of water for any of the local hikes in Sedona.