Business Travelers Choosing Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

Business Travel with Family

The biggest draw for business travelers to stay in vacation rentals is the space and amenities. Many business travelers are now bringing family along. During the day the family can take advantage of our Concierge to plan their day while Mom is busy working, using our high speed WiFi.  We should mention that the WiFi reaches the hot tub too!  This is the best solution to those travelers with families that also want to get a little work done.

Another great perk about a vacation rental over a hotel is that a rental is private and has all the amenities like large kitchens, laundry and private pools. You can cook, order in, or take advantage of our private chef services. Finally, there are no exorbitant resort fees & parking is free in your own garage. The garage is yours, the pool & hot tub yours, and the WiFi yours. What are you waiting for? Book today! 877-503-7879