Where Are the Best Places to Go Biking in Sedona?

Northern Arizona has a wealth of outdoor activities stemming from its collection of canyons and plateaus. The mountain biking in Sedona provides guests with tons of incredible options for exploring the diverse scenery through miles of trails. Keep reading to discover some of our favorites! 

Discover the Best Places to Go Biking in Sedona 

1. Bell Rock Trail – Beginner 

The Bell Rock Trail offers some of the best mountain biking for beginners in Sedona. This trail works its way toward the rock, featuring a steady climb until it levels off on the north side of the rock. It’s an out-and-back trail with a doubletrack. 

2. Aerie to Cockscomb Loop Trail – Beginner to Intermediate 

The Aerie to Cockscomb Loop is a favorite among mountain bikers in Sedona. The 6.1 miles of singletrack trail features plenty of rolling hills, fun descents, and gorgeous red rock scenery. 

3. Chuckwagon Trail – Intermediate 

If you prefer something between a beginner and advanced ride, the Chuckwagon Trail’s singletrack is a great option. It starts near the Devi’s Arch trailhead but branches off and provides a fun, picturesque, and secluded trip. 

4. Llama Trail – Intermediate 

The Llama Trail is a fast and scenic 2.9-mile route that’s perfect for intermediate riders. There are a few technical elements on the southern end, but most of the singletrack features a moderate grade. 

5. Slim Shady Trail – Intermediate 

While it’s one of the shorter biking trails in Sedona, the Slim Shady Trail is a great route for beginners or advanced bikers that need a warmup before connecting to Hiline or Templeton. 

6. Templeton Trail – Intermediate  

The Templeton Trail is one of the best places for biking in Sedona, especially if you want to enjoy views of Cathedral Rock. There are some tricky sections with steep grades, so don’t attempt this if you don’t have solid mountain biking experience. 

7. Mescal Trail – Intermediate to Advanced 

You’ll find tons of scenic views along the challenging Mescal TrailThis Sedona route includes challenging terrain and fantastic slickrock riding. 

8. Grand Central – Advanced 

While Grand Central is only 1.8 miles of singletrack, it features a steep grade ascending towards the top of Ant Hill and open forest that are fun to explore. 

9. Hiline Trail – Advanced 

The Hiline Trail is the most challenging mountain biking route in Sedona. The steep technical climb to the top combined with slickrock and highly technical chutes make this the perfect thrill ride for experienced riders.  

10. Sedona Bike Skills Park – All Abilities 

Sedona Bike Skills Park is full of exciting obstacles and trails featuring jumps, vortexes, and technical sections for all abilities! 

When Is the Best time to Go Mountain Biking in Sedona and Where Can You Rent Bikes? 

The best time to go biking in Sedona is during the winter season. The combination of fewer people on the trails and the average daily temperatures in the 50s and 60s make this the perfect time to hit the many routes in the area. Check out some of our favorite Sedona bike rentals below! 

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