3 Essential Amenities for Creating the Perfect Traveler Experience

Traveler Experience

With these extras, your guests will be sold on their decision to book a vacation rental instead of a hotel. These will also boost their traveler experience.

  1. A comfy bed – a bed is just the beginning of a perfect traveler experience
  2. Goodies for a spa-quality bathroom
  3. Location and season-specific extras

Why are these extras so important for a good traveler experience? First of all, it’s always better to have more amenities than what your guest will use. Therefore, providing goodies for a spa-quality bathroom is a must. No, not everyone is going to use them, but the ones that do, will really appreciate it. Similarly, what about providing sleeping masks or ear plugs? So, just because you as a host might not use these items, your guests might. And for those who do, they will appreciate a good night’s sleep. What about free concierge services? While not everyone will utilize these services, a lot of guests will. Therefore, we provide our guests with great services. Most noteworthy are the grocery shopping services, wine tours, and private jet services that we provide.